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Health benefits of strawberry
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Everybody gets water in the mouth after listening to the name of strawberries. Its flavour is so strong that we can make milkshake, cake, ice cream, jam, chocolate and many more items. Strawberry is the fruit of winter that’s why we should eat more strawberries in winter. Not only strawberry is good in taste but […]

very delicious and tasty doughnuts prepared at home
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Doughnuts Today I am sharing a wonderful recipe of making doughnuts at home in a simple and smart way. Doughnuts are the favourite dish of children in breakfast. But mostly, we can see that doughnuts are serve as snacks in front of our guests because of its delicious taste and way of presenting. Ingredients 2 […]

boiled egg tasty recipe
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Boiled egg Recipe

Boiled egg Recipe As everyone knows that eggs are very beneficial for health and also in body building. But as I see, most people prefer to eat more omelet than to boil eggs which are mostly foodie. But I believe that we should always eat the boiled egg. 7 Health benefits of Boiled Egg: Egg […]

tasty and delicious fruit salad recipe

Fruit salad

Fruit salad Fruit salad is carrying various types of fruits, juices, berries and commonly served as dessert after lunch. It can also be eaten in breakfast for peoples who are health conscious like me. I am adding this fruit salad in my evening breakfast as pre workout meal because it is carrying various kinds of […] presents quinoa recipe at home

Quinoa recipe

Quinoa is a grain that is commonly eaten in South American countries. Similarly few people in India know about quinoa that it is mostly found in the super market. It is a good diet for a body builder that it is a complete protein. The entire 9 essential amino acids are found inside in it, […] presents sandwich recipe


Today we are making egg vegetable sandwich which is very healthy and delicious because I am making this sandwich with egg and green vegetables, so it is very healthy. So people who are worried about health please do not take tension, you can add it in your diet and if you want more tips about […]

shawarma making by


Today we are going to make some special recipe. By the way, we can make chicken Shawarma with the help of pita bread, but I like to making chicken Shawarma roll in the home. Preparing Shawarma flour So first to make pita bread, take 250 grams of all purpose flour in a Bowl. So now add […] presents tasty veg noodles


Noodles are the most tasty and fabulous dish around over the world. Specially I love noodles very much as I am mad for it. Commonly this dish is favourite of kids. Ingredients: 500gm Noodles Soya Sauce White vinegar Cutted green chilli, carrot, onion, capcicum, cabbage 1 tsp Red Chilli Powder Salt to taste 1/4 tsp […] presents pancakes recipe

How to make a Pancakes

Today I am sharing a Best Pancakes recipe in the world. So this is a recipe in which pancakes are made very fluffy and they are wonderful in taste. There are many ways to serve the pancakes but I love berries so here I am making pancakes with the serving of berries. Ingredients: 1 cup […] presents white sauce pasta

How to make Pasta

To make the creamy white sauce pasta, you will first bake pasta. So for this I have taken two cups of pasta which is equivalent to about 200 grams. Some people call it a pipe pasta. But in reality these are penne pasta which you will find easily in the market. If you want you […]