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Chicken kebab

Chicken kebab are marinated chicken mixture which is commonly grilled on the charcoal fire in the winters or you can also fried which is also feel very tasty. Kebabs have various varieties like, seekh kebabs, shaami kebabs, mutton kebabs. Mostly  chicken kebabs are serve as starter because of its crispiness and juiciness in its taste. Here I can share my chicken kebabs recipe which i made at home as a snack which is serve with green chilli sauce and with onion salad.


½kg chicken                                    2tsp Red chili powder

½tsp Coriander powder              Salt as per taste

1tsp lemon juice                            100gm Butter

2tsp golden brown onion           ½tsp fuller flavor (garam                                                                    masala)

½tsp turmeric powder                2tsp chickpea flour (besan)

2tsp Ginger garlic past                ½tsp cumin powder (zeera)

1 green chili                                    2tsp coriander and mint

½tsp Chat masala


  • For preparing the chicken kebab take a big bowl for mixing the chicken and Pour the chicken in the bowl firstly.
  • Then put all the spices in the bowl of chicken and mix it well. After that put ginger garlic paste, chick pea flour, golden brown onion, 1tsp coriander and mint, lemon juice in it.
  • At last cut the green chili in it. Mix these all items as well as spices are mix well in the chicken.
  • If you found any difficulty in making of this mixture from your hand so you also take a help of a mixer. You just pour this chicken mixture into your mixer and mix it well. After mixing the mixture of the chicken put the rest of coriander and mint in it and mix it with your hand.
  • Then take rest and put this chicken mixture into the bowl for at least 1 hour. After 1 hour put some butter into the mixture and mix it well and take rest for next 1 hour.
  • Here you see that your chicken mixture for making the chicken kebabs is ready to fry or you should also place it in the oven, but I am using the frying method.

For frying the chicken kebab

  • Firstly take wooden kebab sticks that you can easily purchase from the market. To paste kebab well on sticks, sticks are soaked in water for a while.
  • Now take some oil in the hands. Put the mixture on the kebab stick and give it a kebab shape. Make it small or big it’s up to you, but give it a proper kebab shape. Make all kebabs like this and here you can see that your kebabs are ready for frying and it’s up to you that you want to deep fry or shallow fry your kebabs.
  • Take a pan and keep it on the stove. Now put some oil in it and keep it mind that the flame is not too fast. Let the oil be hot.
  • Now put your chicken kebabs in the pan. Make sure that flame was at medium. Repeat the kebab a little later and take care that the kebab do not stick to the pan. When the kebabs becomes golden brown, take these chicken kebabs out of the pan. Now get them out in a plate.
  • Here you can see that the color of kebabs has become a good golden brown as seen in restaurants but there is still a little bit left. Now put butter on all sides of these fried kebabs and now sprinkle a little bit of chat masala on it.
  • Now you can see that your chicken kebabs are ready to eat and now you can serve these kebabs with green chili sauce or mint green chutnee and the salad of the onion or with tasty chicken soup. Enjoy the taste of the crispy and spicy kebabs.

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